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Door Painting Project

Greetings Residents of the Forum,

As you're aware, our next big project is painting the unit doors, and we're grateful for everyone who took the time to participate in selecting the color. We're excited about the cohesive new look this will bring to our community.

Door painting is scheduled to begin on Monday, May 6, 2024. CoreCom will be painting the doors of two floors per day, starting with the second and third floors. Please fill out the attached admit slip as soon as possible and indicate "doors" on the slip.

CoreCom will be onsite from Monday, May 6, 2024, to Friday, May 17, 2024. 

The schedule for door painting is as follows:

2nd & 3rd floors - Monday, May 6th

4th & 5th floors - Tuesday, May 7th

6th & 7th floors - Wednesday, May 8th

8th & 9th floors - Thursday, May 9th

10th & 11th floors - Friday, May 10th

12th & 14th floors - Monday, May 13th

15th & 16th floors - Tuesday, May 14th

17th floor - Wednesday, May 15th

Additionally, they will paint the elevator doors on floors 2-17, along with the laundry and stairwell doors. Please note that the doors will need to remain open while painting is in progress, and for an additional 4-5 hours after completion.

During this time and for the first 45 days after painting, please exercise caution by:

· Being mindful when moving carts, strollers, bicycles, heavy items, furniture, etc.

· Ensuring any hired contractors are careful when entering and exiting your unit.

· Keeping pets from biting or nibbling on frames and doors.

· Refraining from using your foot or other objects to open or prop the door.

Finally, our staff will be monitoring the floors where painting is scheduled as an additional proactive measure. We appreciate everyone's assistance and cooperation with this project, and we're eagerly anticipating the final results.

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